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The Design Process

The design process is the term used to describe the procedure a designer uses to complete a project. Four phases are necessary for successful completion:

  • Phase 1: Design Development
  • Phase 2: Working Drawings
  • Phase 3: Bidding
  • Phase 4: Construction

Phase 1: Design Development

  • Design Development
  • Initial consultation meeting
  • Design contract is signed
  • Completion of questionnaire
  • Design schematics begin
  • Design develops into plans and elevations
  • Final design is established

Phase 2: Working Drawings

  • All design decisions have been made
  • Construction documents are produced:
    • Dimensioned floor plans
    • Structural specifications
    • Detailed elevations and sections
    • Designing and choosing all finishes, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, fireplace surrounds, appliances and any other pertinent information that is needed for the drawings.
    • Working drawings are complete

Phase 3: Bidding

  • Select at least three builders to price (bid) your project Ideally get them to bid apples to apples Usually the lowest 'bidder' receives the job

* Note: If a client has already chosen a builder, then the bidding phase is not needed. The chosen builder will submit a contract with pricing.

Phase 4: Construction

  • Builder is chosen
  • Contract with builder is signed
  • Construction begins
  • Timely meetings on-site with designer, client(s) and builder
  • Punch list of all remaining small details before Certificate of Occupancy
  • Project is complete

The outline above is a reasonable approximation of how a project should work. Many of them do, though there tends to be variations in each individual client's project.

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